Vesak Day 2013


 This is my very first time attending such event. Being a Buddhist, I did not pray a lot, in fact I rarely did nor do I have any special interest in Buddhism though I still believe in god. I strongly believed that if I do everything carefully and at my best, I can achieve results. This thought quickly disappeared when I experienced a terrible downfall of luck.

 I reached a certain point in life when everything just doesn't goes right leaving me struggling everyday to make ends meet. I was offered an amulet - Phra Sivali (Arahant disciple of the Buddha). This is where things started to turn around. 2-3 weeks after wearing the amulet, I started notice changes taking place. I wasn't really sure if this is the magical power of the amulet or was it just a pure coincidence, since then I looked more into Buddhism which eventually led me to attend Vesak Day event. From there I started to listen more to the teachings and chanting mantras.

Does it really work, the blessings and all? I have no idea at all. As far as I can tell, I felt very comfortable after chanting and is starting to see good changes in my daily life, and the most important part is, it definitely helped to control my temper!














Absent General Updates


I'm once lost again neglecting my blog. I think this is because of the ease of updates via social platforms like FB & Instagram that drive my laziness to its full potential. I was searching for something & its date and was lucky enough to find it because I blogged about it before. That once again reminded me why I should blog, it definitely keep tracks of what I did, when, where and those moments being written down so that I could enjoy reading back next time.

I get this wonderful fulfillment and joy reading old posts. It shows me what I've been through all these while. Your thoughts? I created this new blog and archived the old one. Reason? I'm not sure what happened but the post display number isn't showing correctly in any template, and worse, the structure of post will change (for some templates).

That is why I've come to making a completely new one bringing back in only some post which I think is worth reading (personally). My old blog is still around though, so if any of you wants to read my archives, can go right ahead @ hevnboyz-old.blogspot.com
















Times Sq Lucky Draw


Lemon Water Health Benefits

The fresh smell of lemon always lead me to a good start of anything! Actually drinking lemon water have heaps of health benefits. I first started drinking WITHOUT knowing any of the benefits and purely just because I wanna make a good habit to consume enough water to stay hydrated, so I thought adding some lemon juice in my H2O will give it a more refreshing taste hence would wanna drink it more frequently.

I've only come to know of lemon water's benefit only after I Google for it thinking that it will have downside to health. I was proved very wrong! I started with 3 slices of lemon in warm water (Without Sugar) drinking it 3 times a day. It was so addictive that I started squeezing half a lemon in my daily drinking bottle (1.5L) and eventually a full lemon per 1.5L now and drinking almost 3 bottles (4.5L) through out the day. I didn't feel any difference for the first few days, but when the weekend comes, I noticed my poo is starting to change from dark to very light color. This is when I know the lemon juice is starting to take action, cleaning my body removing all the acids. I've never felt any better from then onwards! I started to feel more energetic, even after a tiring day, I could still hold up for the evening without a problem, no more complaining of sleepy and tired!

↑  Here I added a piece of lime to give it a little bit of sweetness, but NOT always!

This is a brilliant, simple and a very cheap way to boost your health and immune system. Just squeeze fresh lemon juice in your daily H2O (I also throw the lemon wedge in my water after squeezing) and drink! Actually not only mineral water, I add lemon juice and wedge to green tea too! Though the taste isn't as what you expect, but its still nice! You guys who is reading this should definitely try it! It works for me, and I hope it will for you too! I've read in some forum, people said drinking too much lemon water will erodes teeth enamel. Some people suggest drinking it with straw, and some said to rinse your mouth after drinking. I'm not very sure of the problem because I've been drinking lemon water coming a year, other than giving me a better health and lifestyle boost, I've got no complaint!

Let me know how it affects you if you started drinking or if you're already a lemon water drinker! Happy Drinking !

  1. Good for stomach Lemon can help relieve many digestion problems when mixed with hot water. These include nausea, heartburn and parasites. Due to the digestive qualities of lemon juice, symptoms of indigestion such as heartburn, bloating and belching are relieved. By drinking lemon juice regularly, the bowels are aided in eliminating waste more efficiently. Lemon acts as a blood purifier and as a cleansing agent. The intake of lemon juice can cure constipation. It is even known to help relieve hiccups when consumed as a juice. Lemon juice acts as a liver tonic and helps you digest your food by helping your liver produce more bile. It decreases the amount of phlegm produced by your body. It is also thought to help dissolve gallstones.

  2. Excellent for Skin Care Lemon, being a natural antiseptic medicine, can participate to cure problems related to skin. Lemon is a vitamin C rich citrus fruit that enhances your beauty, by rejuvenating skin from within and thus bringing a glow on your face. Daily consumption of lemon water can make a huge difference in the appearance of your skin. It acts as an anti-aging remedy and can remove wrinkles and blackheads. Lemon water if applied on the areas of burns can fade the scars. As lemon is a cooling agent, it reduces the burning sensation on the skin.

  3. Aids in Dental Care Lemon water is used in dental care also. If fresh lemon juice is applied on the areas of toothache, it can assist in getting rid of the pain. The massages of lemon juice on gums can stop gum bleeding. It gives relief from bad smell and other problems related to gums.

  4. Cures Throat Infections Lemon is an excellent fruit that aids in fighting problems related to throat infections, sore throat and tonsillitis as it has an antibacterial property. For sore throat, dilute one-half lemon juice with one-half water and gargle frequently.

  5. Good for Weight Loss One of the major health benefits of drinking lemon water is that it paves way for losing weight faster, thus acting as a great weight loss remedy. If a person takes lemon juice mixed with lukewarm water and honey, it can reduce the body weight as well.

  6. Controls High Blood Pressure Lemon water works wonders for people having heart problem, owing to its high potassium content. It controls high blood pressure, dizziness, nausea as well as provides relaxation to mind and body. It also reduces mental stress and depression.

  7. Assist in curing Respiratory Disorders
    Lemon water assists in curing respiratory problems, along with breathing problems and revives a person suffering from asthma.

  8. Good for treating Rheumatism Lemon is also a diuretic and hence lemon water can treat rheumatism and arthritis. It helps to flush out bacteria and toxins out of the body.

  9. Reduces Fever Lemon water can treat a person who is suffering from cold, flu or fever. It helps to break fever by increasing perspiration.
  10. Acts as a blood purifier The diseases like cholera or malaria can be treated with lemon water as it can act as a blood purifier.


My Cooking Diary!

↑ Plain Tomato & Onion Cheesy Crust Pizza
Cooking has always been a hobby of mine, not an enthusiasts but I do cook something for myself from time to time since young age. I haven't got the habit to snap pictures of the foods I cooked, only until when I got my 1st DSLR camera 2 years back. I remember the very 1st dish I made was Deep Fried Breaded Curry Potatoes, serving my Grandpa when he visited us from Labuan.

My cooking isn't anything great, but by following some simple recipe, it is still considered delicious and presentable by many who had the chance to try it. Don't ask me how I do it, probably inheritance since my Mum is so well-known for her cooking. I think it's really fun cause every dishes you cook and prepared is just like a piece of art, you'll feel pure satisfaction when completed! Below are some of the stuffs I cooked few days ago, and some in earlier 2012. Enjoy!

↑  Italian Baked Cheesy Macaroni With Minced Beef
↑  Tonkatsu (Japanese Deep Fried Breaded Pork Cutlets) Topped With Worcestershire Sauce & Sesame Seeds
↑  Purin  (Japanese Custard Pudding)
↑  Dorayaki (Japanese Sweet Red Bean Pancake)
↑  Kyarameru Karaage (Caramel Fried Chicken)
↑  Tanuki Onigiri (Japanese Rice Balls)
  Tamagoyaki (Japanese Rolled Omelet Served With Kewpie Mayo & Bonito Flakes)
↑  Teriyaki Fried Garlic Brown Rice
↑  Yakitori (Japanese Skewered Chicken)


How I Spend My CNY Holidays


I'll have to admit I've got the most boring CNY celebration this year. Instead of the usual house visiting, gambling, eating spree for like half a month; I spent most of my time at home (at least for now it is..) mostly watching dramas, entertain visitors, and upgrading myself with some advanced MYSQL Knowledge via online courses. Well, I did went visiting during the 1st and 2nd day of New Year, but stopped going from day 3 onwards. Don't ask me why but I just feel totally lazy! This year's CNY I just wanna enjoy staying home and spend time with my family. So all friends whom I failed to visit you or did not reply ur FB regarding your open house invitation, I'm sorry! =[

"My mom received orders and have to cook like over 10 different dishes with each dish's quantity that is enough to feed over a 150 people. Helped her in preparing everything since this morning until just now which is a super tiring job!"


What about Angpow (Red Packet)? Sure, even though not going out for visiting, I still get em'. Mostly comes from family and relatives. Even I don't go around visitng, Mom & Dad's friend will still pass them the angpow and say its for me! =D. (But sure no huat ka gao gao liao la... coz din even gamble..LOL talk like for sure win...But its true la Winning during CNY Gamble is easy! Just like betting during WorldCup...easypeasy!)

Not going out visiting doesn't mean that I don't get to eat 'Ho Liao' (good food). Since CNY Eve, mom has cooked nothing but good food stuffing the family overload! But this has definitely got to stop soon or its gonna be another few extra KG for me to cut after this celebration!

Like I said, I'm bored with my bro and cousins all going out for visiting leaving me behind. A lil' something I did to keep myself busy! Hope you guys like it! Happy Chinese New Year!


[Drossel Doing Dragon Dance...]

[Ken Giving Hand Signal Approving Drossel's Ability To Dragon Dance!]

[Haruhi! Your Pantsu Is Showing!]


Mangas & Comics Loot


Was informed by a comrade the other day that a local comic rental store is closing down and they are offering dirt cheap sales on all their available comics, manga, novels and even the book rack itself! Without able to endure any of that temptation, I went up to BSB last Sunday just to take my loot. Thinking that I was able to get the full set of Dragon Ball & DBZ, but to my disappointment it was already gone when i reached there. Even so, i still got a pretty good loot of aprox 180 books for just a mere $70.00! Once in a life time! I swore i could've gotten at least triple the amount if it wasn't for the heavy CNY shopping I've done before buying the books!