Vesak Day 2013


 This is my very first time attending such event. Being a Buddhist, I did not pray a lot, in fact I rarely did nor do I have any special interest in Buddhism though I still believe in god. I strongly believed that if I do everything carefully and at my best, I can achieve results. This thought quickly disappeared when I experienced a terrible downfall of luck.

 I reached a certain point in life when everything just doesn't goes right leaving me struggling everyday to make ends meet. I was offered an amulet - Phra Sivali (Arahant disciple of the Buddha). This is where things started to turn around. 2-3 weeks after wearing the amulet, I started notice changes taking place. I wasn't really sure if this is the magical power of the amulet or was it just a pure coincidence, since then I looked more into Buddhism which eventually led me to attend Vesak Day event. From there I started to listen more to the teachings and chanting mantras.

Does it really work, the blessings and all? I have no idea at all. As far as I can tell, I felt very comfortable after chanting and is starting to see good changes in my daily life, and the most important part is, it definitely helped to control my temper!












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