How I Spend My CNY Holidays


I'll have to admit I've got the most boring CNY celebration this year. Instead of the usual house visiting, gambling, eating spree for like half a month; I spent most of my time at home (at least for now it is..) mostly watching dramas, entertain visitors, and upgrading myself with some advanced MYSQL Knowledge via online courses. Well, I did went visiting during the 1st and 2nd day of New Year, but stopped going from day 3 onwards. Don't ask me why but I just feel totally lazy! This year's CNY I just wanna enjoy staying home and spend time with my family. So all friends whom I failed to visit you or did not reply ur FB regarding your open house invitation, I'm sorry! =[

"My mom received orders and have to cook like over 10 different dishes with each dish's quantity that is enough to feed over a 150 people. Helped her in preparing everything since this morning until just now which is a super tiring job!"


What about Angpow (Red Packet)? Sure, even though not going out for visiting, I still get em'. Mostly comes from family and relatives. Even I don't go around visitng, Mom & Dad's friend will still pass them the angpow and say its for me! =D. (But sure no huat ka gao gao liao la... coz din even gamble..LOL talk like for sure win...But its true la Winning during CNY Gamble is easy! Just like betting during WorldCup...easypeasy!)

Not going out visiting doesn't mean that I don't get to eat 'Ho Liao' (good food). Since CNY Eve, mom has cooked nothing but good food stuffing the family overload! But this has definitely got to stop soon or its gonna be another few extra KG for me to cut after this celebration!

Like I said, I'm bored with my bro and cousins all going out for visiting leaving me behind. A lil' something I did to keep myself busy! Hope you guys like it! Happy Chinese New Year!


[Drossel Doing Dragon Dance...]

[Ken Giving Hand Signal Approving Drossel's Ability To Dragon Dance!]

[Haruhi! Your Pantsu Is Showing!]


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